A Reputable Pediatric Dentist Serving Park Rapids, MN and Beyond

Making the Dentist A Comfortable Place

At Pine Park Family Dentistry, our favorite patients in Bemidji, Brainerd, Detroit Lakes, Menahga, Park Rapids, Sebeka, Wadena, Walker, and beyond are our smallest ones! As an experienced pediatric dentist, we understand that children can be nervous about the unfamiliar equipment, loud noises, and environment of the dentist office. We carefully work with your little ones to soothe their fears and go slowly when we perform exams and cleaning, to make sure that they aren’t nervous or upset throughout the cleaning or other dental procedures.

A Strong and Healthy Smile

Occasionally, a child needs more intense services from their pediatric dentists, such as a cavity filling or deeper cleaning to remove stubborn tartar. Pine Park Family Dentistry will offer sedation or nitrous oxide to help your child stay still, calm, and relaxed during the process. Our services also include the development and assembly of retainers, braces, and other night appliances to promote strong and healthy development for children with crooked or crowded teeth.