Root Canals

Professional Root Canals in Park Rapids, MN and Beyond

What is A Root Canal?

Root canal treatment is a procedure used to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed before it becomes infected. Additionally, when a tooth is fractured or suffers an exposed nerve, it can be extremely painful. Infection can develop, leading to swelling of the face and other visible symptoms. In these instances, a root canal is required to alleviate symptoms and save the tooth. During the root canal procedure, the nerve is removed from the inside of the tooth or canal, and then the canals are rinsed, cleaned, and sealed. After Root Canal treatment, the tooth can be restored by a crown in most cases.

Results of a Root Canal

Our clients at Pine Park Family Dentistry include adults and children of all ages across Bemidji, Brainerd, Detroit Lakes, Menahga, Park Rapids, Sebeka, Wadena, Walker, and other surrounding MN communities. The root canal treatment provided by our team includes removing the damaged pulp from the inside of the tooth. We clean out the resulting space and remove anything that is infected. Then, we place a filling inside where the root and pulp were previously located. A root canal can help preserve your tooth, reducing the need for a tooth extraction and a complete artificial replacement.