Need Fast and Reliable Teeth Extractions Near Park Rapids, MN?

The Basics of Teeth Extraction

Sometimes teeth extractions are an unavoidable necessity to maintain a clean and healthy oral hygiene. For children, if the baby tooth isn’t coming out on its own, and the adult tooth is ready to come in, removing the baby tooth is the best way to allow the adult tooth to correctly grow. Other times, an adult tooth is so badly damaged that it needs to be removed to protect the rest of your mouth. At Pine Park Family Dentistry, we perform professional teeth extractions for people just like you in Bemidji, Brainerd, Detroit Lakes, Menahga, Park Rapids, Sebeka, Wadena, Walker, and many other surrounding MN communities.

How the Procedure Works

The thought of teeth extractions can make people nervous, but at Pine Park Family dentistry, we properly sedate and numb you before we begin. Our team has plenty of experience soothing your nerves effectively and then quickly and safely extracting the damaged or infected tooth. We also have experience doing “hot” extractions, where the gum tissue around the tooth is already infected and inflamed, and additional steps are required to promote your oral health and tooth longevity. Once the extraction procedure is complete, you’ll be given antibiotics to help prevent future infection.